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What Do You Do For Fun 7 Ideas

What Do You Do For Fun
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What Do You Do For Fun

What Do You Do For Fun

Are you bored sitting at home ? Are you thinking What Do You Do For Fun. We’ll show you seven crazy things to get rid of the blue mood.Let’s test which works best. Its Really funny things to do in public

Funny things to do in public

1.The first thing to try is a weird experiment with an egg

weird experiment with an egg
Put a raw egg in a bowl. If you are thinking What Do You Do For Fun so i think that is great idea. Just take a close look at the shell to make sure it’s not damaged. Pour in 9 percent vinegar. Let it stay for at least 24 hours. Better if it’s longer the longer the egg is kept in the vinegar the better the results will be. It’s fantastic. The egg has turned half transparent.

Take it out and put it on the napkin wipe the egg up. You can see yolk and an air bubble inside. And what is more the eggs turn jelly. It’s springy elastic and fragile at the same time. And it’s still liquid inside. It turns out the egg could be hard or soft boiled and also clear jelly. Thats What Do You Do For Fun.

2.let’s make a smart DIY liquid candle.

make a smart DIY liquid candle

We’ll need an ordinary candle break it to remove the wick. You can take cotton cord instead. Crack off a small piece pull it up to take off the wick. It’s hard to take out. Cut it out. Using a knife cut the candle by rotating it. Be careful to keep the wick uncut. Perfect. We’ll need a piece of plastic.

You can use a sticker base. Cut out a circle. Score it with a sharp tool in advance. Done cricket in the center with a compass or a thick sewing needle, What Do You Do For Fun. Here it is put in the wick. Pass it through. For about an inch. Take a glass of water put in seed beads of different shapes and colours.

make a smart DIY liquid candle Or use any other embellishment. Pour in some oil to make a one inch layer. Submerge the wick. Leave the plastic circle a float take the thread end and sink the circle like the wick wow it burns like a real candle though there’s water inside the glass. Thats What Do You Do For Fun. It’s incredible. Thats What Do You Do For Fun.

3.let’s try a creative painting.

creative painting

Take a thick paper square draw a big circle with a compass.Make a smaller circle inside. Draw four little round elements in the corners. Make smaller circles inside these four. Cover half of the big ring with white glue. Spread out find salt. Apply the glue to the small rings spread the salt. Shake off the excess. Dip a thin brush in the paint. Color the salt by touching it slightly add another color.

Mix the paint with water. Don’t be afraid to mix the colors. Don’t spare the paint to make the hues more saturated. Enjoy watching the salt color by soaking it in water. Wow quite good. You can make it a gift for a friend. We can create a volumetric picture in this way. Outline lifts on the thick paper. Cover some part with the white glue. Spread the fine salt over the glued area.

Continue covering the lips with the salt. Shake off the access. We should add more salt to make the lips fall. For the glue on top. Spread out the salt. Let’s add color to the lips. Use various shades of red gradually color the whole picture. There are several layers of the salt which absorb the paint in a different way the thin layers create extra saturated color stains. Done.

It’s incredible. We’ve created a sugar lips effect using salt this unusual picture will look gorgeous on the wall as a piece of abstract interior design. That is What Do You Do For Fun.

4.Let’s try another great idea to get rid of the blue mood.

great idea to get rid of the blue mood

Make a loose coloured stress reliever. What Do You Do For Fun, This time we’ll colour the salt with acrylic paint. Squeeze a little onto the salt add some water. Stir well using a spoon. Pour more water if necessary. When the colour is smooth transfer the salt to the paper. Spread it out.

It’ll turn lighter when dry. Sift the salt. Crush the big lumps with your fingers. We’ve coloured the salt blue pink and yellow. Transfer it to a big bowl. The coloured salt is a fantastic material. It’s a pleasure to touch it. You can use it like the Japanese sand garden and draw with a wooden stick besides Blue is a powerful relaxant in Chroma therapy.

It has a soothing and relaxing effect. Add the pink salt. There’s a saying look at the world through pink coloured glasses. And that’s because pink takes the edge off pessimism and anxiety. Pour in some yellow. It has a toning but not an excite story effect. Fabulous. The soothing blue energising yellow and optimistic pink in the middle. Rake the salt with the fork.

Just like in the Zen garden why didn’t the pink field. Shift to the blue one.
And to the yellow. Draw the lines with your finger mix the colours with the wooden stick. Let the salt flow between your fingers shake it. And rake it with the fork again. The coloured salt is solid it doesn’t make new shades when mixed like paints do.
Each particle remains its specific cue so the coloured salt mixture consists of many separate pieces when stressed. Just have fun playing in the salt.
It’s a powerful relaxant that has stress relieving properties another way to get rid of boredom is to examine things around you.

5.Let’s Try a diaper absorb liquid.

diaper absorb liquid

Cut it in half. Remove the filling. Color the water purple. Put the filling in. To watch it soaking fast. Try it with the stick. Nothing shows. There was water a moment ago. The material is soft and loose like snow. It’s a bit sticky colour the water red. Add the filling. It swells as it absorbs all the water colour it blue.
Use the brush mix it with the stick.

This stuff is hard and. Make it loose with your fingers. And the purple filling.
Nicks Well the colours don’t make new shades. This stuff is a bit sticky and loose at the same time. What Do You Do For Fun, We already use this material to fill our bottle pendants.

6.Let’s have great fun by blowing the biggest bubbles from slime

blowing the biggest bubbles from slime

Let’s try another activity for What Do You Do For Fun. Let’s have great fun by blowing the biggest bubbles from slime. Take the slime made from corn starch. It’s the soap slime we made in our previous project. It’s extremely flexible and stretchy and small. Air bubbles keep bursting out while you’re needing the slime.

Let’s blow some big bubbles take a cocktail straw a few failures and finally we managed to set the straw to blow out a big bubble. Wow it’s so big. Boom. Let’s try again. Cool. It’s turned out neither soap bubbles nor the gum ones but something in between. It’s really the best soap slime we’ve ever made.

It keeps it stretchy properties after several weeks and it even gets the new ones. We do hope these crazy things we have shown help you escape apathy and cheer up try the jelly egg or salt picture or slime bubbles. They sound weird and look awesome.

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Here is lot of Method to entertain yourself. still bored ? Still Thinking What Do You Do For Fun so go to youtube and watch funny videos ?

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