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5 Talented Highest paid athlete in the world

Highest paid athlete
Written by Alizay Khan

The top 5 highest paid athletes also comes with talent and fame and from that lots of money. When looking at the world’s rich and famous it’s hard to ignore the expensive athletes and sports stars around the world. These athletes boast some of the highest salaries imaginable. And as their popularity rises, so do their paychecks. Here today are the highest paid athlete on Earth. Let’s get it on.  It’s no secret that expensive athlete have monumental salaries. However when you combine that with endorsements sponsorships personal business acumen and other bonuses these men and women make a staggering income and most of them aren’t afraid to spend like it as well.

It’s no wonder why almost every kid at some stage wants to be a famous sports star when they grow up. Let’s take a look.

Highest paid athlete

Lionel Messi the highest paid athlete

Lionel Messi the 31-year-old Lionel Messi is forward for Spain’s FC Barcelona as well as the captain of Argentina’s national team.

And today he’s considered to be one of the Highest paid athlete, football players of our time. In 2017 alone messy made a staggering 101 million dollars from his salary bonuses and endorsements as reported by Forbes. Moreover, his current contract with Barcelona reportedly pays him 645 thousand dollars a week. Up until the year 2021 so he won’t be running out of pocket change anytime soon. Messey has also signed a lifetime endorsement deal with Adidas which is estimated to be greater than 12 million dollars per year. Nevertheless, Adidas isn’t the only company he’s doing business with while away hawkers Gatorade and Pepsi are all big brands that want his name associated with them. He’s even getting a Chinese theme park bearing his name which is set to open in 2020. So how does the football star spend his fortune? Well, Messi has taken a liking to luxury cars. He owns a Ferrari F430 Spider, a Maserati GT and even an Audi R8 all worth hundreds of thousands of dollars combined. The mentioned that this football player calls home is literally shaped after a football despite its novelty. The house is on a prime piece of real estate located outside Barcelona which has a view of the Catalan mountains and has easy access to a nearby beach. Of course, the property does include a football pitch, you know one of the Highest paid athlete perks. Several of them in fact just in case the mood to practice strike him. Fortunately, he doesn’t just blow his money on cars and clothes but invest heavily in charitable causes. In 2007 Messi and his father formed the Lionel Messi Foundation which helps vulnerable children around the world especially those suffering from health conditions that what’s not to like about this guy.

Highest paid athlete

Top 5 high paid athletes, Christiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo for the year 2018, Ronaldo was the third highest paid athlete in the world ranking in a massive 108 million dollars in just 12 months. Initially, his fortune came from playing football for Real Madrid. However, his incredible talent has resulted in him becoming the top 5 high paid athlete on the planet with 324 million loyal followers across his various social media platforms. He is now a magnet for ridiculously high paying company endorsements. Renaldo is a new deal with Nike will reportedly pay him over 19 million dollars per year for the rest of his life. At that rate, the deal will reach 1 billion in total value by the time Renaldo is 73 years old a man with that kind of financial security can afford to spend big on his passions and Ronaldo is very passionate about his car collection, which is worth well over five million dollars. Another way you might it includes a 360000 thousand dollar Rolls Royce, a Bentley, a Porsche, a Mercedes, a 3,00,000 dollar Lamborghini events at or along with a Maserati just to name a few. In 2009 he crashed a three hundred twenty thousand dollar Ferrari in Manchester but quickly replaced it with some pocket change. He currently resides in a seven-point one million dollar villa in LA FINCA an exclusive community in Madrid. When he isn’t visiting his other mansions in the USA, Portugal and England though he spends roughly $9000 a month on designer clothes. Renaldo does give back part of his income is donated to various organizations as he frequently gives expensive gifts and donates thousands to charities as well as good causes.

Highest paid athlete

Connor McGregor an expensive athlete

Connor McGregor, the Irish UFC fighter in the mixed martial artist has made an outstanding amount of money throughout his career in the UFC octagon, making him Highest paid athlete. But his biggest payday by far comes from his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather even though he lost in the temp round by T.K.O counter pocketed almost 85 million dollars from that fight alone. Pretty sure most people would take a beating for that kind of pay. McGregor himself lives life to the fullest. With his lavish collection of cars watches in designer clothes which he takes an opportunity to flaunt. McGregor is always dressed to the tee whenever he is out on the streets compliments his looks by always wearing expensive watches.

He also travels around in highly expensive cars of which he has a big collection of including Ferraris Lamborghinis and Rolls Royces. You would think that all of this cuts into his bank account. However, his coach John Kavanagh reported it sounds weird but he doesn’t actually spend much money. Everything he wears he’s paid to wear, everything he drives is given to him. He’s not into restaurants his misses makes his meals. He’s in a fairly modest home. He doesn’t gamble so it seems that while McGregor is one of the highest-paid athletes he may also be the most modest at least when he’s not on stage that is Floyd Mayweather.

Highest paid athlete

Floyd Mayweather as expensive athlete

Floyd Money Mayweather is one of only a small group of elite athletes that have earned a whopping 10 figure sum since turning pro and Mayweather is an American boxer who competed between 1996 through 2015. Up until the point he retired in 2015 his career earnings clocked in at 785 dollars, making him Highest paid athlete. Since 2006 Mayweather had become his own promoter which allowed him to increase his earnings and control his fights. Nonetheless, in 2017 he came out of retirement seemingly willed a fight to happen with Conor McGregor via social media and then produced the biggest single payday in the history of sports with his side of the fight worth 275 million dollars with this final payout. Mayweather crossed the 1 billion dollar threshold and entered the record books since he earns so much he also spends with reckless abandon.

He has two fleets of cars which include Bentleys Boogaard his Lamborghinis Ferraris and even an extremely rare Konigsberg sese ex Archer Evita worth 4.8 million dollars,one of the reason he could afford all this is because he is Highest paid athlete. He has one fleet of cars all in white stored in his Miami mansion and his second fleet that is all black which resides in his Las Vegas mansion. He only ever wears boxers once a habit that cost six thousand five hundred dollars a year and gives all his shoes away after wearing them a single time when he travels. It’s in his 60 million dollar private jet that he has his bodyguards and entourage fly on a separate jet just to avoid too much weight. He keeps himself looking good with accessories like an 18 million dollar watch and a 10,000 dollar monthly haircut. Despite not having hair and he entertains himself with gambling and sports betting with bets regularly ranging from seventy-five thousand dollars to one million dollars. After going 50 professional fights undefeated I suppose he’s entitled to do what he wants and I doubt anyone would get in his way to say otherwise.

Highest paid athlete

Highest paid athlete, Micheal Jordan 

Michael Jordan Michael Jordan is the Highest paid athlete of all time with a staggering count of one point eighty-five billion dollars. Interestingly though Jordan only earned ninety-three point eight million dollars playing basketball with the Chicago Bulls and the Washington Wizards. He amassed his phenomenal wealth through unprecedented athlete endorsements which has continued long after he retired basketball for good in 2003, which made him Highest paid athlete. Jordan has partnered with dozens of brands since he turned pro in 1984. His biggest backer has always been Nike shoes Jordan brand exploded for them and is now at 3.1 billion-dollar global business, that makes him Highest paid athlete. Despite all of that the investment which made him a billionaire was the one hundred and seventy-five million dollar prize he got the Charlotte Bobcats, now the Hornets four in 2010. Jordan now has a stake of 90 per cent of the team which is currently worth 780 eighty million dollars. Did all this, Jordan is now making more money than any active basketball player despite being retired. Understandably he’s not left wanting for anything. He has his own private jet and whenever he travels overseas he brings a personal security team which cost him about 1,500 dollars per hour. He spent twelve point eight million dollars building his dream house in Florida. In addition to 2.8 million dollar house near Chicago, He’s also currently building a private golf course just because he was annoyed by the pace of play in his current country club. He has his own fleet of cars reportedly buying seven Mercedes and Pontiacs in one transaction for himself and other family members. Despite all of that Jordan’s competitive spirit also carries over to the courtroom as he sued and won millions from companies unlawfully claiming his Jordan Brand. He didn’t keep all the money. However, instead he donated millions to 23 charities benefiting the children of Chicago as well as donating two million dollars to the Hurricane Florence relief efforts and also pledged to large donations to community-police relations. After a string of police shootings, Michael Jordan tops today’s list and I sure bet it feels good to be the king. When looking at the highest-paid athletes in the world it’s hard not to get envious of the incredible wealth they’ve accumulated. On the other hand, you can’t say they don’t deserve it or that it came easy when you’re the best at what you do. You may as well get paid for it.

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