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Top 30 Random cool facts You Didn’t Expect to Hear

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Written by Alizay Khan

Looking for some ice breakers for you next, get together with people you know or want to know better. Well, check out these cool facts.

Twins can be born several months apart. The ostrich’s eyes are bigger than its brain. A baby is likely to have more than five fingers on its hand if one of its parents has the same condition. Are these cool facts are old wives tales? Let’s figure it out.

Few cool and fun facts

  • The giant squid has a complex brain which is tiny compared to the animal’s body. The most astonishing thing, though. It’s shaped like a doughnut. And the squid’s oesophagus the pipe delivering food to the stomach runs through the doughnut hole. It means that two big food chunks can hurt the brain.
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Cool facts about your taste buds

  • Your taste receptors won’t work without saliva. Try wiping your tongue with a paper towel until it’s dry and then put a piece of your favourite food in your mouth. Spoiler you won’t taste any flavour unless your food is dissolved in saliva. Your taste buds can’t detect food molecules.
  • The filling between Kit-Kat waffles is made of other substandard Kit Kats. Let’s say something’s gone wrong and a Kit Kat bar has too many bubbles or is imperfect in some other way that Mars its appearance, but not the taste. No problem. It gets mashed up into a smooth paste and turned into new bars filling.
  • The longest time between the births of twins was eighty-seven days. Then one girl was born almost four months before the due date, while the other waited for the appropriate time to draw her first breath.
  • If you manage to find a body of water huge enough to fit Saturn, this gigantic planet would float on its surface. It’s a gas planet made up of 94 per cent hydrogen, 6 per cent helium and tiny amounts of ammonia and methane. All these gases are less dense and lighter than water. That’s why the planet wouldn’t submerge.
  • Your shoelaces keep untying, because every time you walk, the knots on them are under a huge gravitational force, seven times higher than normal. For comparison, the world’s most powerful roller coaster makes you experience a gravitational force of 6.3 Gs.
  • Ever seen tiny dots travelling in squiggly lines, especially while you’re staring at the bright blue sky? The dots are only visible for a second or less and might look like itsy bitsy worms. Those are your white blood cells moving inside the capillaries in front of your eye retina. Interestingly, most people don’t notice these dots until asked to pay attention.
  • If a tooth was accidentally knocked out along its route, it can’t be placed right back in its place and it’ll heal. But you should act in the first 30 minutes; otherwise, it’ll be too late.
  • Starfish don’t have a centralized brain. Their nervous system is evenly spread throughout their legs. Or are they arms anyway instead of blood? These creatures use seawater to pump different nutrients through their bodies.
  • The last letter added to the English alphabet wasn’t Z, it was J. It’s also no coincidence that I and J stand side by side. These letters started out as the same character, fun facts.
  • Doctors recognized more than 400 phobias and some internet resources catalogue, almost a thousand ranging from quite common, like the fear of darkness or spiders to outright bizarre. For example, Pogonophobics are scared of beards and Optophobics are scared of opening their eyes.
  • The Ring of Fire is a horseshoe-shaped area in the Pacific Ocean that contains 452 volcanoes. More than 75 per cent of all the active and sleeping volcanoes in the world. Almost 90 per cent of all earthquakes, including 81 per cent of the largest ones, happen in the ring of fire.
  •  Now when you breathe through your nose, one nostril always inhales more air than the other. But don’t worry. They swap over every 15 minutes or so. Also, one study claims that when you breathe through your right nostril, you’ll get more oxygen than while doing it through your left one. Who knows it would be a cool facts.
  •  Fun facts, most people don’t notice it, but when you aren’t using your tongue, it’s closer to the upper palate than to the lower one.
  • Remember the Hiss or F.M. radio makes when is tuned to a frequency between stations? Part of this hiss called white noise is the big bang. In other words, you still hear how the universe was created. About 13.8 billion years ago, cool facts indeed.
  • Several studies have proven that children born prematurely are twice as likely to be Left-Handed than babies who appear as planned.
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  • It would take you almost half a year to reach the moon if you decided to travel by car at a speed of 65 miles per hour. Never mind, that there are no roads to drive on. Otherwise, if you moved at the speed of light, the whole trip would last just a bit more than one second
  • Before colour television appeared in the 1950s and 60s. Seventy five percent of people claim they saw dreams in black and white. These days, it’s only 12 per cent. Scientists claim they found an explanation for this phenomenon. People who used to watch black and white movies and TV in their childhood dream in Greyscale throughout all their lives.
  • The ostrich has huge eyes the size of pool balls. They take loads of space. Probably that’s why the bird’s brain is so tiny, smaller than either of its eyeballs. It might be the reason why ostriches run in circles while trying to escape from predators.
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  • Tiny spiders have huge brains and itsy bitsy spider. The central nervous system fills up almost 80 per cent of his body, including 25 per cent of its legs, cool facts.
  • A photon, which is a tiny packet of light, often spends more than forty thousand years to travel from the sun’s core to its surface. But after that, it needs just eight minutes to reach earth.
  • You can turn almost any material that’s capable of melting into the glass. You just have to be really quick to cool the molten substance off before its molecules realign back into what they used to be before being melted.
  • Now it looks as if flamingos’ knees bend backwards, but in fact, it’s their ankles not knees, cool facts. The birds spend almost all their time on tiptoes. It’s hard to see their knees because they’re close to the body and covered with feathers.
  • Apples you buy at the supermarket might not be as fresh as you think. Usually, slightly unripe fruit gets picked sometime between August and November. Then they get wax dried with hot air boxed and left in cold storage only six to 12 months later. These apples finally land on the supermarket shelves.
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  • The leech as its body divided into 32 separate segments, and each of them has its own brain, by the way. This creature also has 10 stomachs, says right here, the reason why it is one of the cool facts.
  • In the early days of photography, a wide-open smile was seen as child volition, rather impolite. That’s why photographers told people to say prunes instead of cheese. This word kept the mouth shut.
  • Polydactyly the condition when a person has more than five fingers are toes on one or each hand or foot can be genetically inherited, cool facts. In other words, this condition can’t be passed to a baby by one of its parents
  • Sloths the slowest animals on the planet are surprisingly good swimmers, cool facts. They have strong arms that help them move through the water. The animals can also slow their heart rate down to one-third of its normal pace. It allows them to hold their breath for up to 40 minutes while they’re underwater.
  • Lobsters, which, you know, have very poor vision. That’s why they get to know about their environment through touch, smell and taste. But unlike most animals, lobsters taste by using tiny bristles inside their smaller claws called pincers. These bristles play the role of tastebuds. Oh, by the way, the lobster’s teeth are in its stomach, cool facts.
  • Nine-banded armadillos always give birth to four genetically identical babies after birth. The little ones stay with her mother for a half a year or so and then leave to have their own lives dodging cars as they run across highways in Texas.

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