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Surprising Things Never Do in Other Countries

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Surprising Things Never Do in Other Countries

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Surprising Things Never Do in Other Countries

Surprising Things Never Do in Other Countries

Number 20

don’t step on money in Thailand. In Thailand it’s illegal to step on money. It’s because of one man on every note the king. The law states anything considered demeaning to the royal family can be an offence. That means if you drop your bought at the market you won’t be able to stand on it to stop it from blowing away. The Thai government also has a lot of power. During a recent military coup the three fingered Hunger Games salute became popular with protesters. In the end they made the gesture illegal. And five people were even arrested for doing it. There are lots more customs you should follow should you visit Thailand. For one it’s never good to shout or make a scene in Southeast Asia. You should also avoid putting up your feet because according to Buddhist beliefs feet are the dirtiest parts of the body and it’s very offensive to point them at someone. Also think of the smell.

Number 19

don’t use your left hand in India you never think about what hand you use for what. But in India you need to never pass money food or shake with your left hand your left hand is used for all things bathroom related. So it’s very easy to see where this comes from. In India should also get ready for another custom queue jumping as queues are a Western construct its jump or be jumped in the wildly long lines of India.

Number 18

don’t order white coffee after breakfast in Italy. Italians are known for coffee and they have many rules about it. It’s poor form to order a white coffee such as a cappuccino after breakfast. This comes not from the sweetness of the drink but from the milk. According to Italians milk should never be drunk after a meal as it is said to ruin your digestion so you should only have it at breakfast. If you’re a beachcomber you should also beware. In Ara clear near Venice it’s illegal to build sandcastles according to the local government. They obstruct the passage of the beach in sand dunes for other people.
Talk about a fun police and here’s a weird one in Torino readjusting your crotch in public is an offence even though touching that part of your body is traditionally associated with good luck. Courts are beginning to rule that it goes against common decency. We’re not talking about one or two gestures but a lot of crotch polling. In fact one man was convicted in 2006 for ostentatiously touching his genitals through his clothing. Keep your hands where we can see him.

Number 17

no high heels in Greece high heeled shoes have been banned at Greece’s oldest monuments due to damage caused by tourists leave them at home. Besides don’t you want to be comfy when you’re walking over the old rocks. Greeks also have an intolerance to mooning the practice of baring your naked ass in public as well. And if you insist on this asinine behaviour you could end up with a hefty fine. So mooning on the Acropolis while wearing stilettos you’ve got yourself a double whammy or at least a very interesting photo shoot.

Number 16

don’t tip in Japan. This next one might be hard to get your head around. But yes shouldn’t tip in Japan. The service may be exceptional but Japanese people consider the standard to be typical. So offering a gratuity is not necessary. OK. You won’t necessarily offend someone’s sensibilities if you tip but you should definitely avoid pointing. It’s rude to point at someone in Japan as this is a gesture that is usually directed towards objects rather than people. And while on the subject of Japan although it’s not illegal to engage in PDA on the streets it is a faux pas to kiss amorous Lee in public or hug for too long. So save those long goodbye kisses for the hotel room.

number 15.

Watch your hand gestures in Turkey often hand gestures are a great way of bridging the language barrier but just like all language. Sometimes they can get mistranslated in Turkey you should not give the okay sign to do so implies you think the other person is a homosexual but you should also watch where you drink your liquor. It has been made illegal to drink or be drunk in public in the province of birder. Even sitting in a car with alcohol can get you a 100 lira fine if that wasn’t enough. You should never use a toothpick without covering your mouth and you should avoid blowing your nose in block as both of these are considered very impolite try dabbing at it instead.

Number 14

you can’t buy chewing gum in Singapore despite what’s claimed it’s not illegal to chew chewing gum in Singapore even after a 1992 law passed which was designed to counter the amount of chewing gum being dropped in public places. The treat was not altogether outlawed. Instead buying and selling it is illegal and punishable with a fine of up to 1000 dollars.
The control of manufacture Act still allows tourists to bring two packs into the country. So you’d better make it count. But if you’re looking for another foodstuff to enjoy when in Singapore you should know that you’re also not allowed to take the pungent tropical fruit durian on public transport. Bringing the fruit which tastes like heaven smells like hell on a bus or train carries a fine of up to five thousand dollars. This pride in public spaces means you’re also not allowed to feed pigeons. This avoids population growth and reduces the amount of poop to clean. Two men a 62 year old and a 68 year old were fined four hundred and fifteen hundred dollars respectively for breaking this law. This year

Surprising Things Never Do in Other Countries

Number 13

don’t pee in the ocean in Portugal. Hot competition for the hardest law to enforce. It’s not very polite to pee in a pool. But what about the ocean. Surely it’s the definition of a victim-less crime but nonetheless Portugal has recently outlawed it. That means any swimmers caught short will have to come out and find a bathroom. I don’t envy the person who asked to catch you doing this one

Number 12

Don’t feed the pigeons in San Francisco. It may seem fun to feed the pigeons but doing so in San Francisco can get you in trouble. It’s illegal. The law is aimed to curb their population as well as the health hazard presented by their poop. The authorities even have a hotline specifically for tips about a licit crumb droppers. Speaking of tips in America in general gratuities are everything. The average waiter makes between five to 12 dollars an hour and they need any extra money they can get. So unlike Japan this is one place you should definitely tip. You should also make sure to mind your Ps and Qs where politeness is the main order of the day. In certain states they pride themselves on good manners as a way of life. Customs like Minnesota nice made famous by the film Fargo are defined by polite friendliness an aversion to confrontation and a disinclination to make a fuss. So be nice even if you don’t mean it. And finally cutting down a saguaro cactus in Arizona is a federal crime. Even if it’s on your property doing any damage to this majestic plant is punishable with 25 years in prison which is comparable to the amount of time you do for an actual murder. This is because they take almost 200 years to fully mature almost as long as the United States has been in existence. And how would you like it if someone cut you down in your prime

Number 11.

no camouflage in the Caribbean. The Caribbean islands including Barbados Jamaica Grenada Dominica St. Lucia and St. Vincent have banned civilians from wearing camouflage patterns. That’s right. They’re policing what you wear as in this is literally what their police force wear. So if you want to avoid a fine or jail time for impersonating an officer. Leave the camouflage at home. But how will they spot you.
No it’s n no bikinis in Barcelona.

Number 10.

Went on holiday in Spain. You probably want nothing more than to roll off of the beach. After a long day of sunbathing and to go and have a few surveys at a local taverna. But in Barcelona you’ll have to swing by your hotel to change your clothes because the city has banned people from wearing bikinis when not on the beach.
The rule which has been made to supposedly protect modesty comes with a 650 dollar on the spot fine. You may love your beach body but you’ll have to put it away unless you want to get into trouble.

Number 11

tight fitting trunks. Only in France men going to the beach in France also have modesty concerns when it comes to swimwear but rather being made to cover up all men’s swimming in public have to instead wear tight fitting swimming trunks. The law from 1983 relates to hygiene. The theory is you won’t be wearing those budgie smugglers around town so they are likely to be completely clean when you put them on for your dip.

Number 8

don’t spend your pennies in Canada. Ever seen someone counting out pennies to pay for their entire week’s shop at a grocery store. Not in Canada. In fact it’s illegal to pay for something worth 25 cents or more using single cent coins. The Currency Act of 1985 also renders your payment void. If you pay for something worth five dollars or more using five cent pieces as this breaks the limitations of what is considered legal tender. Also despite the similarities it’s generally not a good idea to compare Canadians to their American neighbours. Not only do they not like the association. Canadians pride themselves on making fun of their southern counterparts.

Number 7

.tobacco and boots on smokers of the world would be wise to avoid boots on the strictest narcotics laws in the entire world mean that the sale of tobacco is banned tobacco use has been outlawed since the Supreme Leader decreed it in 17 29. But it wasn’t until 2004 that the National Assembly of Bhutan banned the sale of tobacco nationwide. It’s the first country to ever go smoke free.

Number 6

don’t finish your plate in China when eating in certain regions of China. It’s okay if your eyes are bigger than your stomach. It’s sometimes considered routine eat everything on your plate as it indicates you have not been fed adequately enough. Try to leave a little food behind to show your total fulfilment on the subject of food. Contrary to urban legend it’s not customary to belch to show your satisfaction at the food in the past when food was scarce showing you were full to the point of burping was a sign of the host’s wealth. But those days are gone. Why not instead try a thank you card

Number 5

Dress modestly in the Middle East in certain parts of the Middle East. Be careful how you dress. Modesty is key in places like Iran and Saudi Arabia. You should avoid wearing revealing clothes and women should keep their heads covered. Also drinking in certain countries such as Jordan should be kept to licensed bars unless you want a fine in Saudi Arabia Yemen and Kuwait. It’s entirely banned due to their strict religious laws. If visiting during Ramadan you should be respectful. Muslims are not allowed to eat or drink during daylight hours during the holy month.
So you should avoid eating in public. In some places it’s stricter than others in the UAE where laws are applied equally to Muslims and non-Muslims alike eating drinking or encouraging it in public. Can land you with a 2000 Durham fine or jail time. Another thing you should note is that Valentine’s Day is outlawed in Iran as it represents a lot of aspects of decadent Western culture. But that hasn’t stopped a lot of Iranians continuing to celebrate it anyway.
True love always finds a way.

Number 4

don’t give even numbers of flowers in Russia. You can always say with flowers except in Russia where bad math can cause an upset when picking out a bouquet for a special event. Tried to get an odd number of flowers even numbers of flowers are only given at funerals while yellow flowers in general are associated with mourning so try to avoid both unless you want to offend. Also although it sounds weird. Avoid smiling at people in Russia and don’t expect one to smile for a photo. Russians only smile when they have a reason to. Like when with a family member or during a special occasion this can seem unfriendly maybe downright unsettling. But at least you know.
Say cheese or or don’t.

Number 3

reincarnation in Tibet. Ever since the administration of Tibet was taken over by the People’s Republic of China they have enforced a very strange law in the home of the Dalai Lama.
It’s illegal for people to be reincarnated without permission. The State Religious Affairs Bureau Order Number Five was passed in 2007 in order to manage and control the reincarnation of living Buddhas while over 1000 people have since been reincarnated officially. The government has used this to invalidate the claims of countless who have died and come back without first getting approval.

Number 2.

don’t hike naked in Switzerland. Intended to curb the growing enthusiasm of those who love being close to nature. Swiss authorities are allowed to find people who hike naked lacking a law to counter public nudity. They instead charge people based on their public indecency law. One man was fined one hundred Swiss francs for walking past a family picnic in his birthday suit.
And Switzerland has seen an influx of many more naked hikers in recent years. Common decency aside Surely there can’t be anything less appealing than stripping down in the cold outdoors of the Alps.

Number 1

don’t touch people’s heads in Malaysia.Malaysia is the melting pot of Southeast Asia a place where cultures languages and religions all mixed together despite the variety. There are some general customs you will need to observe when there. Firstly you should avoid touching people’s heads as it is considered the most sacred part of the body. Plus it’s also kind of patronising. You should also avoid pointing as this is considered poor manners especially when done with your right hand. Old wives tales imply that you shouldn’t point at Heavenly Bodies like the moon in case your finger falls off and even pointing at an animal may rile up its spirit and invite you to take revenge instead. Why not try a Barack Obama point with your thumb leaving your fingers tucked in pointing should only be used as a direct insult. Similarly pounding your fist into your hand shows exasperation and can be taken as insulting too. So when travelling around the world you’ll see many amazing sights but you can easily offend if you’re not wise to different peoples cultures.
Did you find out the hard way or do you know about any other strange customs you should never do in other countries. Let me know in the comment section down below. And thanks for watching.

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