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Some Gadgets Can Change Our Body Shape

Some Gadgets Can Change Our Body Shape
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Some Gadgets Can Change Our Body Shape

Some Gadgets Can Change Our Body Shape
Some Gadgets Can Change Our Body Shape.
What do you usually do while waiting for a bus or sitting on the subway on your way to the office. I like to tie a 20 dollar bill on a string. Toss it on the floor and snatch it away when people try to pick it up. Yeah but that’s me. If you’re like a lot of people you’re watching the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Not everyone does it after all. Our gadgets are closer to us than anything or anyone else. They’re a source of information communication and fun. But it’s good to keep in mind that our devotion to our gadgets is bad for the spine. American scientists have found out that we spend more than two hours a day looking at the screens of our smartphones and touch them almost 3000 times when we think of the germs. Their Australian colleagues went further and did a study on how gadgets influence our health. The results were astonishing. Two hundred eighteen people aged 18 to 30 took part in the research. Dr David Shahar found a small bone appendix in the back of the head of 41 of the participants. He took a new account. Smaller growths but 10 percent of the participants had a strange appendix larger than zero point eight inches its maximum length was one point four inches for men and one inch for women. During the second study scientists examined 12 hundred people aged 18 to 86.
The results showed that it was mainly young people who had the appendix.
Dr Shahar and his colleagues assumed that the extra growth and damage was caused by bad posture using gadgets makes us bend our head unnaturally low and keep it in this position for an absurdly long time. As a result the weight of the head is distributed differently which causes huge amounts of pressure on the place where the muscles are attached to the skull leading to changes in the bones and sinews. The average time people spend with their eyes glued to the screen grew by three times in only one year. Dr Shahar says that because of this growing screen time each following generation will have a consistently bigger appendix. Scientists believe that the appendix itself poses no danger but a spinal curvature does. It might even cause different diseases.
The human head weighs about eleven pounds. Really if you yank your head off your body and put it on a scale you’ll be you know deceased but 11 pounds is about what your head will weight.
Now it’s a more stable weight if the head is in a vertical position but the more we bend our head forward the heavier it becomes in relation to the neck. It weighs 27 pounds at a 15 degree angle 40 pounds at thirty forty nine pounds at forty five degrees and 60 pounds at 60 degrees. Can you imagine your head weighing 60 pounds and your poor neck having to bear it. A short experiment will allow you to feel the pressure your spine feels. Bend a finger to the back of your hand as low as you can and try to keep it in this position say for an hour. It’s taking right. I doubt you’ll be able to do it even for a minute. But if you did the tissues would start getting inflamed. The same thing happens to your neck and spine. Even if you don’t feel it right away.
This is the price we pay for the possibility to be in touch 24/7 have any book music or film at hand and not carry anything heavier than a smartphone or tablet. Our bond with the gadgets is inseparable. So this inflammation happens daily all the time. There’s even a term referring to the specific slope of neck that appears as a result of it. Text neck. The term text net appeared in 2008 when Dr. Dean L. Fishman observed a 17 year old patient. The teenager complained of headaches and pain in the neck. This problem has become a true epidemic since then. Doctors say that children and teenagers ages 8 to 18 spend seven and a half hours watching the screens of their smartphones and tablets. But it’s not only the young ones it’s all of us chronic pressure causes problems some of which can be solved only by surgeons long term stretching and straining cleats to an inflammatory process in our tissues.
After that nerves can get restricted discs rupture and the natural curve of the neck starts to change. People start feeling worse they have aches in the neck and spine and later headaches to.
Bad posture also leads to other issues like lowering the volume of the lungs. You can easily check this by yourself. Take a full breath when you’re hunched over your smartphone. Now sit straight and try to do it again. Do you feel the difference when you don’t breathe properly your blood gets less oxygen and brings less of this precious gas to all the organs including the brain. The pressure on your inner organs caused by bad posture can lead to problems with your stomach intestines and metabolism. Another thing caused by gadgets is less crucial for the health of your neck but detrimental to your appearance. It’s a double chin which appears even with young and slim girls and boys. The soft tissues behind your chin sag down lose their elasticity and form what we call a double chin. The neck itself gets wrinkle. High energy visible light or HIV which the screens of smartphones tablets and pieces radiate can cause premature wrinkles and pigmentation and make skin hypersensitive. All these effects are called Digital aging. We don’t see it immediately but with time our face can get reddish inflamed and dry. Soon new wrinkles will appear. It’s hard to imagine our life without gadgets. But there are steps we can take to reduce the harm they cause to our health. Here’s some advice. Keep your smartphone at the level of your eyes so that your head stays in a vertical position and doesn’t bend. But if you hold it like this all the time it may cause problems with your shoulders later. Since there will be extra stress on them so it’s good to change positions frequently. If you’re sitting keep your feet on the floor set your shoulders back and make sure your ears are right above them so that your head doesn’t bend forward. You can also use a hands free set when you talk on the phone. Studies also advise using two hands and two thumbs for texting. It’ll create a more symmetrical and comfortable position for the spine. When you work on a P.C. see to it that the screen is on a level that’s naturally in your direct line of sight. It’s bad if you have to look down on it. The same is true of laptops. Try to use a separate keyboard and put the screen on the same level as your eyes just to make sure that you don’t forget about your neck. There’s a special app. Yes smartphones are that smart. When you hold your smartphone at a safe angle. You’ll see a green light in the right upper corner when you hold it at a dangerous angle. You’ll see a red light there. You can also add different signals or sounds to warn you. Try neck guard for Apple and posture for Android.

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