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Easy 3 sacrifices way to escape poverty

how to escape poverty
Written by Alizay Khan


The motivation of keeping the 3 sacrifice way to escape poverty was when I was around 17, I came across Brian Tracy and fell in love with his teaching. I would go to the Internet cafe at night because I couldn’t afford the normal fee in the day I will spend hours in the night listening to Tracy and reading his quotes.


The one particular sentence that stuck with me from Tracy and that is “If you want to achieve something different you have to do something different. If you want to achieve what you’ve never achieved you have to do what you’ve never done before.” Growing up I wrote the above sentence and pasted it in my room and each day when I see those words I knew I had to make 3 sacrifices to escape poverty.


It’s very simple if your life is not what you want it to be right now you have to be willing to do something different and don’t let me sugarcoat anything year on how to escape poverty. He would move from one easy well to another doing something different means getting out of your comfort zone and this is never going to be easy. In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you the three sacrifices you need to make to escape poverty.


If you’re new here consider subscribing so that you won’t miss other interests and videos like this take time to read on how to escape poverty. When most of my friends and relatives know what I have achieved in my life today it’s easy for them to envy me, on how to escape poverty. Just 17 years ago I was just one of the young people whose life was a disaster.


I hated my life and wished I was never bored because I was born into poverty sickness and many other limitations but i made 3 sacrifice way to escape poverty . So how was I able to change my life from being a guy who hated life to create in one of the best lives ever for myself, read this more on how to escape poverty.

how to escape poverty

Take time to read books on how to escape poverty

Books, books, books my life changed the day I started reading books and I’ll explain how it happened fast. When I started reading books I started reading the stories of ordinary people who achieved extraordinary things to escape poverty. These stories encouraged me and gave me hope that I could as well overcome every obstacle in my way and achieve greatness with my life,

3 sacrifice way to escape poverty. I think this is very simple if you know that some people have some disadvantages you think you have yet gone on to achieve greatness on how to escape poverty. You suddenly start to believe in yourself when you start to believe in yourself. You start to think big and when you increase the size of your dreams you automatically increase what is possible with your life. In my case, I started believing that I could become rich even though I grew up in a poor village.

I started believing that I could become a millionaire and this belief led me to something very important, on how to escape poverty. I started looking for how to escape poverty and what I believe I could achieve by reading books written by the people who have made a lot of money before I started learning the mindsets and actions of these people and the more I model these people the better my financial life. Yes, it took me eight long years before my financial life had a drastic change with our reading books, 3 sacrifice way to escape poverty.


I would have never made it. One other thing you can do in addition to reading books is watching videos that tell stories about successful people. Have dedicated a whole channel for this purpose and we call it fame TV. You can join the fame TV in the description box. Yes, books are boring but so is every meaningful thing. Fruits are boring and vegetables are boring. But if you want to be healthy you’ll eat more of them.


Soda drinks are fun sugary sweet and fast foods are nice. But if you like your health you’ll run away from them. The TV is fun and social media is interesting but if you want on how to escape poverty you’ll spend more time with your books. Some time ago I got to know the Bill Gates reads one book every week. I have also read about the fact that an average millennial reads one book every week. An average millennial is doing something that’s probably a good thing to emulate.


So I decided that I’m going to be reading one book every week. This is easy and I’m not asking you to start reading a book per week but you have to make 3 sacrifice ways to escape poverty to read books if you want how to escape poverty.

to escape poverty

Don’t make excuses on how to escape poverty

Don’t make excuses. I told you earlier that sugar is sweet and you agree that hard drugs, fast food and most other harmful things are fun.


Another very sweet thing is excuses and that is why most people make it listen, 3 sacrifice way to escape poverty on how to escape poverty. You can come up with a hundred reasons why you are where you are if you want and you can as well come up with a single reason why you need to be elsewhere.


The differences in the way you use the powerful machine God gave you that machine is your brain. 3 sacrifice ways to escape poverty, if you program your brain to look for the reasons why you are poor your rectangular activating system of a busy looking for reasons and you’ll start seeing how the economy the government and your parents make you poor your brain will quickly show you how your lack of education and your health challenge your childhood or even the country you were born are the reasons why you’re poor.


If however, you program your brain to look for why you must be rich you’ll start seeing that even in a bad economy some people are making hundreds of thousands of dollars in legitimate businesses for 3 sacrifices ways to escape poverty. You’ll start reading about people who went through similar difficulties like you and ended up successful.


You start seeing that you have much power over your life than you think. You’ll start taking responsibilities. An excuse is the food of the falls and our world is filled with many of them because an excuse is sweet. It’s about pointing a finger. It’s easy. Everyone can do it but if you want to escape poverty you’ll not do it. Don’t make an excuse. Identify what you have to do to change your life and do it no matter how difficult trade 100 failures for one success.


3 sacrifice ways to escape poverty is something like i heard something very interesting from Mark Cuban who showed me 3 sacrifice way to escape poverty a few days ago and it made a lot of sense to me. Cuban said and I quote “It doesn’t matter how many times you fail to remember you only have to succeed once” This statement makes a lot of sense to me because when I look back at my eight years of failure I could see the meaning of this statement. You see my first eight years in the business world were terrible.


Everything I attempted failed and everyone thought I was stupid. I was broke rejected and frustrated. But a day came when I had my first breakthrough. From there I had my second breakthrough and the third. Today it seems as if everything I touch to become successful.


That’s the opposite of the kind of life I had. Only a few years ago, Here the thing, it doesn’t matter how many times you fail. Remember you only have to succeed once and that once will quench all the pains of the failed years. Why is it important you understand this well? Most people see failure as a bad thing and that is why they give up every year in search of success.


3 sacrifice ways to escape poverty is the reason you should understand that the road that leads to success is called failure and failure is not final because a single success can make you forget the pains of ten years of failure.

3 sacrifice way to escape poverty

Trade a hundred failure for one success for 3 sacrifice way to escape poverty

Make sacrifices to get out of your comfort zone. Make sacrifices to do things that are risky and when you fail. Be courageous to stand up and try again because it doesn’t matter how many times you fail. All you need is a single success. The most important point in this video is sacrifice.


If you want to escape poverty you have to be disciplined enough to do things that are not comfortable it’s not comfortable to read but you have to do it as not comfortable to take actions that may lead to failure? But you have to do it. Failure is painful. Yet you had to endure failures and try again.

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