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52 Amazing Body Facts That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

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52 Amazing Body Facts That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

52 Amazing Body Facts That Will Make Your Jaw Drop. Here’s a quick question for you. Do you think you know everything about your own body. Are you sure. How about the fact that 25 percent of an adult’s bones are in their feet or that tastebuds aren’t actually those bumps on your tongue. Well get ready for some eye openers. Ouch. No we’re really not going to open up someone’s eyes. We don’t do surgery here on the bright side at least for now. Here we go.

52 Amazing Body Facts That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Your stomach gets a new lining every three to four days. This way your body prevents the stomach from digesting itself.

Your brain contains more than eighty six billion nerve cells which are joined with one another by 100 trillion connections. That’s many more than the number of stars in our home Milky Way galaxy.

Oh by the way if you decided to count all those numerous nerve cells in your brain it would take you up to three thousand years.

Your fingernails grow faster on your dominant hand. In other words if you’re right with your right hand you’ll have to trim those nails more often your fingernails also grow faster in the summer and during the day.

When your brain sends messages to different parts of your body the signals travel along your nerves at a speed of up to two hundred seventy miles per hour. It’s way faster than a sports car.

People spend more than four years of their lives eating. Wow. Is the restaurant service that slow. Hey just getting.

The fastest muscles in your body are those that make your eyes blink their contraction speed is one blink and less than one hundredth of a second in a day you can blink more than fifteen thousand times.

In their lifetime. The average person process has more than one hundred thousand pounds of food that’s more than the weight of seven elephants combined. And how do you eat an elephant. Yep. One bite at a time.

If someone decided to UN coil the human DNA the whole thing was stretched for 10 billion miles which is forty thousand times more than the distance between the Earth and Moon.

If you don’t have insomnia you’re likely to spend around one third of your life asleep. But there are creatures that sleep even more. For example for a dog this time is 44 percent of their life. And for a python. Seventy five percent

during just one day. All the blood in your body travels more than 12000 miles. That’s half as long as the distance around the earth.

Your skeleton will renew itself completely within 10 years.

An adult uses around 200 muscles to make just one step. And don’t tell me I don’t work out enough.

Every minute your body sheds more than 3000 skin cells. It’s almost two hundred thousand skin cells per hour and more than nine pounds per year.

But don’t worry you still have about 300 million skin cells at any given moment plus your skin completely renews itself every 28 to 30 days.

The liver is the only human organ that can regenerate completely as little as 25 percent of the original liver weight can get back to its full size.

Skin cells create a lot of does not only under your bed but also in the Earth’s atmosphere. If someone collected all the flaked off skin cells floating in the air. This death would weigh up to a billion tons. It’s 150 times the weight of the Great Pyramid. How’s that for a comparison.

You won’t be able to see your tastebuds by the naked eye because they’re too tiny. The small bumps. Most people take for taste buds are called Pappa like real taste buds on top of these hair like projections.

By the way taste buds also have a very short life cycle they live for no longer than 10 to 14 days so they get a very short taste of life.

The average person has more than one hundred thousand hairs on their head. And since his hair grows about six inches per year it’ll make more than 40 feet in a lifetime.

Some people can hear their eyeballs moving inside the eye sockets that must be no fun.

Unlike other parts of your body your ears and nose never stop growing

your skin wrinkles. If you stay in the water for too long but not because it absorbs water when your body’s wet wrinkled fingers and toes provide you with a better grip. You know like when the treads on your car tires grip the road better when they’re new.

Your eyes are an amazing instrument they can distinguish between 10 million different colors.

Your brain uses more than 20 percent of your body’s energy even when you’re resting when you’re asleep it still consumes almost as much power as when you’re awake. It also burns around 330 calories per day at that.

An adult person has about 25 percent of all their bones in their feet. Most of them are tiny but crucial if these bones are out of alignment so is the rest of the body.

You breathe around 20000 times a day. A try not to stop.

human bones are a real paradox. There are almost five times stronger than a steel bar with the same width but can fracture on impact and are rather brittle.

Fingers don’t have muscles that can make the move all the muscles that move the finger joints are located in the forearm and palm.

Your body contains more than thirty seven trillion cells. Earth has more than 7 billion inhabitants. It means that there are over five thousand times more cells in your body than people on our planet.

It surely depends on your lifestyle and how much you move but the average person will walk up to one hundred ten thousand miles in their lifetime which is half as long as the distance from the earth to the moon or more than four times longer than the distance around our planet.

If a person has a NAS Mia also called Smell blindness they can’t distinguish and detect smells but they can still be smelling.

You start feeling Thursday when water loss is 1 percent of your body weight. More than 5 percent and you may faint. Water loss that’s bigger than 10 percent of the body weight and dehydration can end a person.

The strongest muscle in your body based on its weight is your jaw muscle.

At any moment 50 thousand cells in your body are getting replaced by new ones. Boy that sounds like a company I used to work for.

By the end of their life the average person can recall up to 150 trillion pieces of information except for where they left their car keys.

Even if fingerprints are badly damaged they still grow back with their original pattern.

Your most powerful size can travel at a speed of more than one hundred miles per hour almost as fast as a skydiver in freefall.

The average person has about 250 hairs and each eyebrow these hairs get completely replaced every four months.

Your brain’s memory capacity is equivalent to about four terabytes on a harddrive which is more than eight million photos.

People are the only living creatures that can naturally sleep on their backs. Even apes usually sleep in a sitting position leaning on something.

Your log is bone is your thigh bone not your funny bone and the tiniest one is in the ear it’s shorter than a grain of rice.

The largest organ in your body is your skin despite being thin it weighs a surprising 9 to 11 pounds. That’s the weight of a healthy and well-fed housecat.

Your skull may feel like it’s all in one piece but in fact it consists of twenty nine different bones. The only part of your body that can heal itself is your teeth. What a shame.

Right handed people tend to chew most of their food on the right signs of their mouths while the left handed off for the left side. Out of all people who can move their ears only 30 percent can move just one year. Such talent.

Every person has dimples on their lower back but in some people they’re more pronounced than in others. These dimples appear in places where the pelvis is connected with a Sacra so their existence even if it’s not a parent makes sense.

You’re right lung is shorter than the left one because it has to leave some room for your liver. The left lung on the other hand is narrower since it has to make space for the heart a male’s lungs can usually hold more air than a woman’s.

Surprisingly you burn more calories when you’re sleeping than when you’re watching TV. By the time you turn 60 you’re likely to lose 50 percent of your taste buds all.

Your hair grows twice faster when you’re traveling by plane. It has to do with higher atmospheric pressure.

The muscles that help your eyes focus make around one hundred thousand movements a day. If you want to make your leg muscles move as much.

You’d need to walk 50 miles when you listen to music. Your heart starts beating in sync with it.

If all the wrinkles on the brain got smoothed out it would be the size of a pillowcase. Well let’s try it. You first. No just kidding.

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