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13 Interesting facts about Honduras

interesting facts about honduras
Written by Alizay Khan

Basic yet interesting facts about Honduras as Central America is a little tricky because on the surface it looks like opening up a bag of potato chips when you first look in, They all look like potato chips. Then when you inspect them a little closer, you realize some are a little bigger some a little crispy or some are burned. Some have a little bit of green, interesting facts about Honduras. 

interesting facts about honduras

Location of honduras

First of all, Honduras is located in Central America, sandwiched between Guatemala and El Salvador on the west and Nicaragua to the south-east. Honduras is also a bi-coastal country with both coasts on the Caribbean Sea and a small but still existent patch of Pacific Ocean in the south in the Gulf of Fonseca. The country is divided into 18 departments and the capital Tegucigalpa. It is located right in the Central Francisco Maurer’s on the department, interesting facts about Honduras.

Basic yet interesting facts about Honduras

The country has four international airports and the largest and busiest one is not antiquity called book but Ramone Vega Morella’s international located in San Pedro Sula.

I mean, if you want, you can fly to Tegucigalpa as Tom Contini International but it’s kind of like dubbed as the second most dangerous airport in the world due to its horrible location, wedged between dangerous mountains with choppy winds and a narrow runway. It’s not uncommon to see passengers praying before landing. They know what they’re getting themselves into, interesting facts about Honduras.

Economic facts about Honduras

In addition to the departments, as of 2013, Honduras just instituted a new economic zone division, much like what China did with their zones in which certain cities will have a distinct free-market capitalistic function with high autonomy ruled by their own political and judicial systems. Right now, it seems like a magpie on Tiger Island will be the first to become an autonomous zone. Others are on the way, but it’s a little too early to tell which ones will be exclusive.

This has been taken in with both praise and criticism praise because based off of your economic philosophy, it could boost revenue but criticism because it comes at a cost of your sovereignty being put in the hands of corporations. It’s kind of like, so if I give you these cities, you promise it’ll all trickle down to us, right?

Islands around Honduras

Besides all that, Honduras lays claim to about 20 or so islands, most in the Caribbean and the south of Honduras. For the most notable islands though, would be the famous islas de la Bahia made up of brought on with utila, Roaran and Guanaja the most crowded island in Honduras.

Also, you have the casino keys jump a little further east and you have the Swan Islands. And if you jump even further north, you hit the completely submerged Mysterioso and Rosario banks that live within Honduras is the exclusive economic zone. Most of the population stays in the west and south areas of the country, interesting facts about Honduras. Most of the areas along the border with Nicaragua are uninhabited and empty.

UNESCO sites in Honduras

Otherwise, some notable sites might include places like the coupon Mayan ruins with hieroglyphic staircases in my handball courts as well as the Rosalia, a fully replicated my temple. The appointee ruins some crystal ball, four in grasses and the baroque style churches of two goosy Godber and Comayagua Bay Islands Underwater Museum, the Cave of Glowing Skulls and see if you can find the legendary white city or the city of the Monkey God, which is rumoured to be hidden somewhere in the jungles of the East.

What else can you find in the jungles of the east? Jungles which we will discuss in. Now, most simply, I can put this when it comes to natural catastrophe.

interesting facts about honduras

El Salvador is kind of like Honduras Sheol that takes all the crazy earthquakes and volcano eruptions, leaving them with just a smidge of debris and weak aftershock. First of all, the country’s divided into five general geographic land zones. The insular Bay Islands, the North Atlantic coast, the heavily populated Occidental Sula lowlands and the largest wilderness area in all of Central America. The La Mosquita jungles in the east as well as the Pacific South volcanic region.

By the way quick little side note, Occidental means West and the antonym Oriental means East. And now, you know, inside the LA Mosquita, you can find the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Rio Platania Biosphere Reserve, which has like the highest concentration of wildlife, like the national animals, the scarlet Macall and the white-tailed deer. Now, other than a few fertile valleys and plains along the coast, most of Honduras is mountainous at about 80 per cent. Here you can find the highest peak. The central loss, meet us as it is located in the West.

Now, this means that even though the land is rich and lush with vegetation, less than 10 per cent of the land is arable. Now, when it comes to water, although the Coco River is the longest winding south to north. The Luo River is the most important as it goes from the Sulak Valley to the Caribbean, allowing transport and trade right next door, you can find the largest natural lake, your home, which sits inside a volcanic depression.

Speaking of volcanoes in the south, you can find the two most notable volcanoes. Is this like outdated Grand Day and Easter Altegrity? 

interesting facts about honduras

Favourite food of Honduras

Interesting facts about Honduras is that they love food, even though most Central Americans admit that they do kind of have a similar base culinary structure under INS to have a slight jungle charm. Popular dishes include things like the National Dish Baleadas, Asabi Nacho Soup, Danielle Poile, Chucho. Some people, especially in the indigenous community, enjoy iguana and turtle eggs. Otherwise, some top natural spots include places like Give Up on Çok Waterfalls Devastate Togawa.

People will need to National Park Kiles casinos during the rainy season. See if you can make it to the Yoovidhya pieces in YORO. 

interesting facts about honduras

Fish Rain

A weird natural phenomenon in which every year it rains fish like I’m not even joking. After it rains, the streets are loaded with lives, squirming fish. Some people think it might be caused by underground waterways opening up, and some people think it’s because water spouts suck up the fish from the water making a fish NATO dropping them on the towns below.

interesting facts about honduras

Population of Honduras

The country has about 8.2 million people and has the highest percentage of Protestants per capita out of all Latin American countries. About 90 per cent of the country is mestizo. About seven per cent are Amerindian, two per cent are black. Mostly Garifuna is along the Caribbean coast and the remainder is mostly made up of whites with a few Arab Christians and Chinese mixed in there as well. Also, they use the Honduran Putera as their currency.

They use the A&E plug owlets and they drive on the right side of the road of the Amerindian community, interesting facts about Honduras. There are six main subgroups, each with their traditions and languages, except for the largest group, the Link-Up, who have all but lost their native language as it went extinct in the 70s. Now, here lies the big question. How is Honduras different from all the other Latin American countries?

Ethnicity of Honduras

First of all, Hondurans or Cathroat Joes, as it likes to be called, sometimes do have their distinct quirks. For one, as mentioned before, Honduras is the most Protestant out of all the Latin American countries. Most estimates put the number at somewhere around 40 per cent of the country, adhering to some denomination of the faith branch.

Otherwise, Catholics make up the majority of the remaining religious community with a few small communities of Jews and Muslims. And there’s nothing like a Chinese Buddhist in there somewhere, too. I mean, there’s always like a few small groups of Chinese people in every country in the world. Even Somalia has Chinese people. Hondurans do have a few distinct Honduran words like my gay or not, see both that or see both days via quests check and Andolan.

interesting facts about honduras

Languages spoken in Honduras

Speaking of words, Honduras, like Costa Rica, is very bilingual in Spanish and English. Kids are taught in elementary schools. And in fact, some estimate that almost half of the entire city of San Pedro Sula is proficient enough in English to hold a normal conversation. The U.S. even outsources hundreds of people there in call centres to speak to U.S. customers English. Whether you like learning it or not, it’s the moneymaking language.

Quick history. Like all the other Central American countries, Honduras kind of had like three Independence’s, one from Spain and Mexico and one from the Federal Republic of Central America. Then about 300 small internal rebellions and civil wars occurred, then in the 60s. They had a war with El Salvador, but that was started by a soccer match. Then in the 70s, civilian rule returned and things were looking up.

Then Hurricane Mitch messed everything up. And in 2009, a very soft coup to topple happened. And that’s where we stand today. So essentially this where we get all the real stuff. Yes. Honduras, although speckled with beauty and extremely welcoming nice people, is riddled with a sinister dark side.

International tagline for Honduras

Yes, Honduras has one of the highest intentional murder rates in the world outside of a war-torn country. This is mostly attributed to the drug trafficking problem. About 80 per cent of the drugs entering into the US will at some point cross to Honduras by cartels. Everyday citizens typically witness drug trucks transporting supplies. However, they just kind of lived by that. Keep your mouth shut and mind your own business rule. Nobody will be bothered.

Keep in mind, you’re gonna see a lot of this type of stuff in other Latin American countries. It’s kind of like a strange, shady bilateral government mafia type of coalition thing that shouldn’t exist. But they don’t know how to get out of it. So they just gonna leave it as it is and try not to get. But then a new government comes up and rises and tries to get involved and then just cause more trouble. It’s like nobody can win. Man Latin America, I’m starting to kind of like understand your plight.

interesting facts about honduras

People stop buying drugs. It’s like just buy a puppy and play with it. That’s like the equivalent of 40 drugs in one on steroids. Quote me on that. Anyway, some notable people of Honduran descent throughout history might include national heroes Francisco Morrison and Laputa Sir Salvador Moncada. Roberto Soza. America Ferrera. Yermo. Anderson J. Luis Moncada. David Suazo and activist Berta Caceres. And now we reach Honduras is diplomacy but before we do, let me just emphasize this one thing.

Don’t call them Mexicans

Do not call Hondurans Mexicans. Central America was a family. Honduras will kind of be like the street smart middle brother that always pays rent, even though you have no idea where he works. He has like a little twitch in his eye because he’s trying to suppress all of the baggage that he covers up by singing karaoke every night. Wow. That was an extensive description.

First of all, Honduras is one of the 20 countries that recognize Taiwan statehood over the People’s Republic of China like Guatemala. Taiwan holds tight to Honduras as it is one of their largest supporters in trade and diplomacy. The U.S. is not only the largest business partner but also one out of every 10 Hondurans in the world live in the U.S with New Orleans housing the largest community, interesting facts about Honduras.

This, in return, provides a portion of remittance money to get sent back to relatives. Colombia is like the cool cousin across the sea that they look up to, and they like Cuba because they send a lot of doctors. Cuba, you’re always sending doctors to everybody. You’re like a doctor vending machine, dispensing doctors, doctor, doctor, doctor, doctor Pepper.

Democratic neighbors

Now, when it comes to the best friends, though, almost all you Hondurans, younger people that I talked to told me that Guatemala was your number one, whereas El Salvador and Nicaragua were a very close second place. Hondurans admire Guatemala’s culture and they’re a little envious that they get all the cool Mayan stuff. They have open border policies and many people from both countries end up marrying each other.

El Salvador, Nicaragua are kind of like the two troublesome younger fraternal twin brothers that sometimes cause them a little bit of a headache but in the end. They turn on the karaoke machine and sing together, interesting facts about Honduras.

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