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10 Terrific mysteries in painting secrets

painting secrets
Written by Alizay Khan

Do you love art just as much as we do? As you know, art is not just a source of inspiration, but a great mystery too.  Artists often add unique little details to their wall painting Secrets or leave messages that are impossible to notice at first glance. We’ve collected painting masterpieces with surprising secrets at the end of the video. Here’s a bonus waiting for you. One of the strangest hypotheses about the Mona Lisa. Stay with us and learn the things that you never knew before wall painting Secrets.

painting secrets

10- Painting secrets of the wrong ear

Vincent Van Gogh. The greatest Dutch painter is known for such masterpieces as “The Starry Night” and Iris’s highly influenced 20th-century art.

His self-portrait with Bandaged Ear depicts the artist in a three-quarter profile, standing in a room in the yellow house with an injured right ear, painting secrets. In reality, he cut off his left ear. The discrepancy is explained by the fact that Van Gogh used a mirror to create the picture himself. It seems to be a strange and sharp reaction for Van Gogh to cut off his ear.

However, history explains it with the fact that he was deeply troubled and apparently losing his mind at the time he crafted the painting.

painting secrets

9- Wall painting secrets, the painting under the painting

If you look closely at the old guitarist by Pablo Picasso, you can see a ghostly female silhouette behind the man’s head in the top centre of the painting, painting secrets.

After taking infrared and X-ray images of the canvas, researchers from the Art Institute of Chicago discovered a few other shapes hidden underneath.

Most likely, the artist didn’t have enough money to buy new canvases and had to paint over old ones.

However, it was common for painters to reuse or rework old canvases. Some of them were living below the poverty line.

painting secrets

8- Super painting secrets, the Night watch is set at daytime

Rembrandt was another Dutch painter, was an innovated master of three media paintings. The shooting company of France banning cock and villain Van Freudenberg, better known as the Night watch, is considered to be one of Rembrandt’s greatest portrait paintings, which were executed at the top of his career.

This super painting secrets depicts the militia fully equipped and ready to embark on a mission during the restoration of it in 1947.

The painting was cleaned of a thick layer of soot.

After that, it became evident that the scene portrayed in the painting takes place not at night, but in daylight.

painting secrets

7- The Sistine Chapel’s anatomical code.

Some American experts in the field of neuron anatomy believe that the creation of Adam by Michelangelo contains allusions to anatomy.

They argue that the right part of the wall painting Secrets is an anatomically correct image of a huge brain. You can find even the most sophisticated components of the brain, such as the cerebellum, the optic nerve and the pituitary gland.

At the same time, the conspicuous green band perfectly coincides with the vertebral artery.

Moreover, another fresco of the Sistine Chapel, the separation of light and darkness also has a hidden image of a brain, wall painting Secrets. Look at God’s neck. If you superimpose it onto a photo of the human, you will get a perfect overlap of the same lines.

Have people started to solve a 500-year-old puzzle of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Only now we wonder how many more puzzles it is hiding.

super painting secrets

6- The symbol of strength

The figures of David and Goliath is another fresco of the Sistine Chapel created by Michelangelo, from the Hebrew letter Gimmel, which symbolizes strength in the mystical Kabbalah tradition. It is not a surprise that the shapes on the painting look so powerful. Is it?

super painting secrets

5- Rembrandt’s squint.

Margaret Livingstone and Bevell Conway studied Rembrandt self-portraits and proved that the painter suffered from stereo blindness.

This peculiarity made the artist perceive the world a little differently. He saw reality in 2D instead of 3D. However, it is possible that stereo blindness helped Rembrandt create his immortal masterpieces.

It further proved that a person can do and achieve anything despite all the obstacles if they want too.

super painting secrets

4- Vengeance to lovers

One of the most famous paintings by Gustav Klimt portrays Adele Bloch-Bauer. It was commissioned by her husband, the sugar baron Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer.

He found out that Adele and Klimt had an affair and believed that after hundreds of sketches, the painter would come to meet his mistress, wall painting Secrets.

Routine work made the feelings between the model and the artist cooled down.

That Ferdinand was a smart guy.

wall painting secrets

3-Prediction of the end of the world

The Italian researcher Sabrina Swarts Galizia proposed an unusual interpretation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper, wall painting Secrets. She says that the artist left a prediction of the end of the world in his painting, which will happen on March 21st 4006. To come to this conclusion, the researcher deciphered the mathematical and astrological code of the painting. That’s not the only mystery of Last Supper. The hands of Christ and the apostles, along with the loaves of bread on the table, form something that could be read as a musical notation for testing. It does sound like a short tune.

wall painting secrets

2- The world in yellow

Almost all of the paintings of Vincent van Gogh feature a dominant yellow.

Professor Paul Wolf explains that as a side effect of an epilepsy remedy, that changes colour perception.

The artist world could look the way we see it in his canvases. However, there is another version it’s known that Van Gogh likes to drink absinthe, this drink contains fusion, a moderate consumption of which may cause the drinker to see all objects with a yellow colour.

wall painting secrets

1- Mozart and the Masons

There is solid evidence that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a Mason.

Even in his child portrait by Pietro Antonio lorenzoni, we can see a Masonic symbol, a hidden hand that indicates a hierarchical rank in the secret society, wall painting Secrets.

wall painting Secrets

Bonus, toothless Mona Lisa

 What is it? The late Mona Lisa smile so enchanting and captivating dentist and art expert Joseph Bach Koski carefully studied Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting and claims to have unveiled the secret behind La Jack Honda’s smile. He believes that she had lost her front teeth and that influenced her facial expression.

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