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10 of the most incredible and expensive homes On Earth

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10 of the most incredible and expensive homes on Earth

10 of the most incredible and expensive homes on Earth

10 of the most incredible and expensive homes on Earth.There is certainly no place like home whether it’s in a big ranch in the countryside or a small comfy space in the centre of the city. A home is a place where we always want to go back to where we raised the end of a day full of work and a space to find comfort after long travels around the world. For some people the idea of home is beyond just having a place to rest and eat for them home can be anything from a twin tower building in the centre of infinite gardens to a living room with 360 degree views of their closest ocean. Today we’ll be looking at 10 of the most incredible and expensive homes on Earth. Keep in mind that our picks are not only expensive but they are very unique in their own ways. They feature spaces that you never thought could exist inside someone’s home. Make sure you watch them all. Perhaps you’ll get ideas for your own dream home. No one will definitely change the way you think of home. So far though

Number 10

Chateau artisan who doesn’t want to live surrounded by water. Back in the day people would dig ditches around their homes and fill them with water to protect them from invaders. Today surrounding your home with water is more of a luxury rather than a protection technique. That is the case of Chateau artisan a French style house surrounded by water that looks like something out of a fairy tale. On one end of the property you can find the staircase entrance right after you walk through the courtyard which will definitely make you feel like you’ve traveled back to medieval times. You know to the set of Legend of Zelda Skyrim either or. On the opposite end there is an amazing square pool with a fountain in the middle. And this property you can also find a terrorist Jacuzzi a koi pond. And of course swans that get to enjoy the benefit of having this manmade lake. The three storey house which is at the center of the property has eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms. The building is not as big as other buildings on our list but the outdoor space definitely makes up for it.

Number 9.

Celine Dion’s Water Park mansion.
You heard her music you might have seen her breath form your mind about all over OCD but did you ever get to see what Celine Dion’s house looks like down in Jupiter Island Florida one of the most expensive places in the USA. Celine Dion built a mansion a space to go back to after all those weeks of touring around the world with Bahamian vibes at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.
This mansion has 13 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms surrounded by wide open spaces and amazing views. What makes this place so unique is that the water size pool that sits at the front of her palace looking home even as a water slide. Back in 2017 Eileen finally put her home in the market with a seventy two million dollar price tag but she ended up selling it for only twenty seven million. I suppose the real question is do you think it’s worth that much.

Number 8

San Francisco eco friendly mansion. Now that people are constantly looking for ways to make a positive impact on their environment and make sense that a house on our list is not only expensive but also eco friendly. We’re talking about this 40 million dollar house in San Francisco’s billionaire row. About 40 percent of its energy comes from the sun and it has rainwater collection system that can hold more than 5000 gallons of water. Can you just imagine that this house pretty much works in harmony with nature with seven bedrooms and twelve bathrooms this house had to go through a long process to get where it is. The end result is rewarding after all that time however this house is fully automated. Lights music temperature doors everything can be controlled from a personal device such as a smartphone or a computer even the light bulbs will adjust automatically if you were to move the artwork or furniture underneath them. Whether it’s day or night the non reflective glass windows offer incredible views of San Francisco and its most popular landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. What better way to spend forty million dollars and using it towards a house as green as this one.

Numbers 7

. 9 2 4 Bel Air mansion. Gave you grew up in the 90s you might remember bel air from the show that made Will Smith famous too young for that. Well here’s what you need to know. Bel Air is where rich people live. One of the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles and today one of the properties on this neighborhood made it to our list. We’re talking about the mansion on 9 2 4 Bel Air nicknamed billionaire. This place stands out among others because of all the entertainment you can find in it. A four lane bowling Lounge a four K movie theater for 40 people a large infinity pool with an outdoor pop up theater an auto gallery and around 100 curated art installations. The amenities are simply insane. It’s like somebody came in and brought L.A. to their house. The House is fully stocked with two champagne and wine sellers and a massive Candy wall. Through its windows you can get a glimpse of the L.A. skyline. Would you like to live here. Well when the house hit the market it was listed in a U.S. Two hundred and fifty million dollars which at the time made the most expensive home in America however after multiple price cuts the property was finally sold at only 94 million dollars in October of 2019.

Number 6.

Viola setter is. Next on our list is a mansion down on the coast of St. John capped for art in the south of France. We’ve actually talked about this home before in a previous lives. Why not check that out as well. This place the perfect combination of luxury and history. The mansion has existed since 1830 and since 1850 when it was first bought and viola Cedras has been home to many residents including King Leopold the second from Belgium before becoming a proper residents the property was an olive tree farm which explains the many 300 year old olive trees.
How many olive trees again. Well they surround the entire house. There are lots of palm trees and cedar trees as well. After all Seder is the word for Cedar and French and I’m pretty sure I mispronounced that. Either way it’s expected to find that kind of tree around the interior of the House preserves a lot of history from its previous occupants. There is a massive library with a book dating back to the sixteen hundreds was where several thousand euros the house is put on the market back in 2017 and a mystery buyer finally agreed to pay two hundred million euros in August of 2019.

Number 5.

Eden towers sky penthouse. Now we know a penthouse is pretty much the expensive version of an apartment but can a penthouse to be expensive and interesting enough to make it to this list. Absolutely. I mean three hundred and fifty seven million dollars Monaco’s Dawn Tower Sky penthouse promises to be the most expensive penthouse ever. With majestic views of the Mediterranean Sea and endlessly is a Monaco this place will make you forget you’re inside a five storey penthouse and one of the largest buildings on the Mediterranean coast. Media Release some stress just walk out or slide down to this housing circular infinity pool that’s connected to the main building through a water slide. Maybe a dozen homes inside a vertical building would make things more compact and simple you might want to think again.

Number 4.

I’m telling you in Mumbai the most expensive in the world. This is until here. And it’s considered the most expensive house in the world. It took one billion dollars to build it. But some people say its current value is closer to billion. What can be so special about this odd looking building. Well down in the southern part of Mumbai until years the home to Mukesh Ambani the richest man in Asia and one of the richest men in all over the world. This building is only 27 stories high. But don’t let those numbers fool you. The ceilings on some floors are so double the regular height which makes until as high as a 60 storey building. And there’s only confined helipads a parking space for up to 168 cars a theatre that can comfortably host 50 people terrorist gardens a spy and even a temple. I get why this building is so expensive.

Numbers 3.

Bill Gates house. This list wouldn’t be complete without Bill Gates on it. You could only expect someone as wealthy as him to be the owner of the most extravagant homes on Earth. This house has more bathrooms than bedrooms. It also took seven years to see three million dollars in the hands of 300 construction workers to complete this home Bill named his house Xanadu 2.0 0 based on the movie Citizen Kane Xanadu 2.0 interact with its surroundings to regulate its temperature efficiently while most people prefer to display works of art on their walls. The laws of this place are filled with computer screens displaying different paintings and photography. These screens can display your favorite artwork with just a touch of a button. Xanadu 2.0 also has a pool with its own music system a trampoline room an art deco style movie theater and a reception hall where Bill can host a dinner party for around 300 guests. The food can come from one of the six kitchens spread throughout different corners of the House making it ready to host events at any given moment. And I’d actually like to get an invite from Bill to check this out. I hear he gives out x boxes his party favors. Now it’s time for the day’s best big. I really like this kind of bull with glass walls.
These bulls are very modern and inviting. When I came across this image I started to wonder what it would be like to live in a place where I can swim surrounded by the sounds of nature and then I found a house that really inspired me.

Number 2.

10 of the most incredible and expensive homes on Earth

The fish house in Singapore. Nothing compares with the heat in Southeast Asia and there is no better way to enjoy it than having a house with an ocean front in the lush landscape of Singapore. Such is the case of the fish house a tropical bungalow that was built in 2009 with the goal of creating a living space and close relationship with nature. This was easily accomplished by putting the pool right in the middle of the jungle like garden and an endless ocean view. The view is in fact present at the different naturally ventilated spaces of the house. The place is compact yet full of exotic features. There is a media room at the basement level with an acrylic window that constantly reminds us of the House’s connection to nature. The window allows natural light into the room as well as views out into the pool. As plenty of green spaces for lounging and enough photovoltaic panels to bring enough energy to power up the whole house. I hear some people have a hard time living in nature for too long but I’m sure they would change their mind if they lived here.
I see the best for last. But first I have a quick challenge that takes only five seconds differently. If you can do the right. Scrub within the next five seconds you’ll get 10 years of amazing luck. Just try it really work.

Number 1.

ruined AI’s palace on the northern part of the island of Borneo. There is a small nation called the Brunei. There’s a little country is under the largest private residence in the world. The Astana Nurul im on. This literally translates into the palace of the light of faith. The construction of this massive palace was completed in 1984 at a decent cause of one point four billion. If you’re wondering how large is the largest place in the world. Looking at some numbers might give you an idea. The place has one thousand seven hundred and eighty eight rooms including two hundred fifty seven bathrooms. It also has five swimming pools 44 stairwells and 18 elevators. If Bill Gates getting all his big well it doesn’t compare to the Brunei palace. It has a capacity of up to 5000 people. It also has a mosque that can easily fit fifteen hundred people which is not surprising given the fact that Brunei is considered a predominantly Muslim nation. The property has 110 different garages where the sultan keeps his 7000 cars including his Ferraris Lamborghinis Aston Martins and many other vehicles that he owns. Some of them are custom made even if that wasn’t enough. There is also an air condition still over the Sultan’s 200 ponies. The Sultan surely knows how to live lavishly. How much is your dream house. How much is your current house. Have any of our current pics inspired you.

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