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10 interesting facts about countries all over the world

10 Facts about Countries
Written by Alizay Khan

I’m going to share 10 Facts about Countries across the world. So most of these are statistical information and they may have changed in the meantime. Some data is from 2012. Some is more recent so despite the fact that not much has probably radically changed in the last years. Keep this in mind.

Countries across The World Facts

World’s largest prisoner population Countries across the World Facts

This is 10 Facts about Countries that the United States of America an inquiry in 2012 found that the USA has over 2 million people behind bars. That’s more than the entire population of Latvia and almost double the population of Cyprus. All of the U.S. population represents 5 per cent of the world. However, their prisoners represent 25 per cent of the world’s prisoner population as runners up. We have China with 1.5 million prisoners. Brazil with 690,000 and Russia would 580,000 people in custody at the bottom of this list, we have San Marino with an astounding three people registered as prisoners. But when we look at percentages specifically be incarceration rate per 100000 people despite having the U.S. in the first place as well. We have El Salvador and took many stands in second and third places due to their lower population totals.

Countries across The World Facts

10 facts about countries for National income from internet

Tuvalu is a country in the Pacific Ocean of Polynesian culture and with only about 10,000 people living in it. Their independence since 1978 but still has the British Queen as head of state. For some time, Tuvalu wasn’t able to join the U.N., not because of any problem with other countries recognition of sovereignty or the violation of any rights but simply because they couldn’t afford the 100,000 dollar entrance fee. But all their problems were solved in the year 2000. They were attributed to the abbreviation of dot TV for online domains. And since it’s a desirable domain because of television they negotiated a 12-year lease for it 450 million dollars. This is Countries across the World Facts, keep in mind that their GDP in 2016 was a mere 39 million dollars. So they make more money off leasing their web domain than they do with their economy with this money. They were able to invest in their country and also finally joined the U.N. as 189th member third on a list. This is making one of the 10 Facts about Countries.

10 Facts about Countries

The country with the most spoken Languages

Papua New Guinea. English is the official language but only on paper. Amir wanted 2 per cent of the population actually speak it on a daily basis. Hundreds of others are used by the native population 820 to be precise counting 12 per cent of the world’s total number of languages in one country alone. Papua New Guinea is also full of other interesting facts like the numbers of languages demonstrate. It’s one of the world’s most diverse countries and also one of the least explored on Earth due to its dense rainforest. There are projected to be many undiscovered animal species living inside despite having a poor population which is mostly focused on agriculture the country has discovered large deposits of oil and natural gas which might help change the economic reality of the country. Few reasons why it comes in 10 Facts about Countries.

10 Facts about Countries

10 Facts about Greenland

There are big fans of football ever since the Danish settlers brought it over when they colonized the island but sadly they aren’t allowed to join FIFA. Greenland’s weather makes it impossible for grass to grow or at least that type of grass that FIFA regulation requires. Since they aren’t able to have regulations stadiums or fields they aren’t allowed to host an official game, which makes it impossible for them to compete in official international competitions. Their fields are made of synthetic grass but apparently that wasn’t enough for FIFA to let them join. So in the eyes of international football, they are kind of seen as part of Denmark. The Faroe Islands however also politically tied to Denmark have their own team and football independence, 10 Facts about Countries.

Countries across The World Facts

World’s most overweight country

Now keep this in mind, that this is percentage-wise, 10 Facts about Countries. Nauru in the Pacific Ocean has the world’s largest percentage of overweight people at an astounding 95 per cent. However, Nauru has a reasonably small population. In fact, it’s the world’s smallest island nation covering only 21 square kilometres. So when you compare it to other countries like the U.S. with 33 per cent or the U.K. with 27 per cent these countries actually have more overweight people. Nauru is only ahead in terms of percentage the top spot on this list has changed throughout each year and usually, it takes here is another Pacific island of the same sorts. The low population on each of them makes it easy for any problem to affect a majority of the population. Another fun fact about Nauru is that it’s the only Republican state in the world which doesn’t have an official capital. I guess their size is so small that it doesn’t make sense to have one,10 Facts about Countries.

10 Facts about Countries

In the centre of the world

Kiribati is the only country on Earth which falls into all four hemispheres having the equator cross through it and spreading over the eastern and western hemispheres being located where these lines all meet. Keep in mind that it’s an archipelago and its land is spread across these dividing lines through many islands. Because of this, it’s the country where the sun rises the earliest, being the first country to see the new year. Every time December 30 first comes around, it has 33 atolls and reef islands. Only 21 of which are inhabited and 90 per cent of the population lives on the Gilbert Islands. It has around 100 thousand people who seem like a reasonable amount for a set of small islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, making it one of the 10 Facts about Countries in the world.

Countries across The World Facts

Facts about country named North Korea

The country is a world which is arguably the most closed off to the exterior does its reputation justice with its usage of a specific and exclusive computer operating system. Forget disputes between IOS or windows the fuel North Koreans with access to a computer using an operating system called Red Star OS. It’s based on Linux and was developed by the Korean computer centre before its development. It is said that most computers in the country use the Red Hat Linux OS or Windows XP. Some screenshots make it look actually pretty similar to the early versions of Apple Computers. In 2013, leader Kim Jong goon was seen with an iMac on his desk in a photo. So this might be the reason for the look similarity. It uses a modified Firefox browser called Naenara which translates to My Country. This makes it 10 Facts about Countries in the world.

10 Facts about Countries

A most isolated tribe in the world

Not actually a country but worth a mention since it’s pretty interesting, Since we are talking about 10 Facts about Countries in the world. They are located on Northcentral island off the coast of Burma and India in the Bay of Bengal. They are a civilization which remains up to this day the most isolated tribe in the world avoiding contact with any type of people who come from the exterior. In the time of colonialism, the British in control of India tried contacting them but it didn’t go so well. An independent India had a similar experience with the locals. People were so curious to see them that the local government who technically owns the islands had to make it illegal for people to visit it, especially because the locals tended to not be very friendly towards visitors. A few years’ back two fishermen crossed into their waters and were killed and when a tsunami hit the region India sent a helicopter to check on the natives and then they started shooting arrows at a helicopter so one can assume that they were okay.

10 Facts about Countries

7 years behind the rest of the world

Ethiopia is really interesting as a country having a lot of cool pieces of history like it being one of the two only countries in Africa not to be colonized by the Europeans. But for this listing, I have another interesting fact. Due to the strong presence of Coptic Orthodox churches in the country. If your peers’ traditional calendar is 7 years behind the rest of the Western world being the second largest populated country in Africa with over 90 million people which under the thirty first of December of this year will be celebrating going into 2011. Lucky them, making them include in 10 Facts about Countries in the world.

10 Facts about Countries

The world’s quickest disappearing country

No other country on earth is having a larger population decrease than Latvia in 2017. Statistics point to a loss of eighteen point two per cent of its population mostly due to young people moving outside of the country. Ever since the country joined the EU, its people have gotten a closer look at the quality of life in other European countries and since they now have free movement of people. The national population has gone abroad in search of better chances. The same thing has happened with its Baltic neighbours of Estonia and Lithuania. If it was to keep up this rate Latvia would be pretty much deserted by 2021. And those were 10 plus a few other interesting but ultimately useless facts from countries across the world.

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