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Top 10 celebrities who got exposed on social media

celebrities who destroyed their careers on social media
Written by Alizay Khan

Almost everyday celebrities get exposed for their scandalous behaviour. Well, we got many celebrities exposed on social media. Even though that were unintentionally but here are top 10 celebrities who got exposed on social media platforms rather than in an interview:


Kristin Cavallari

Hill Star posted a picture of her family celebrating the 4th of July, but it sparked a huge controversy. The picture was a snap of her family at the beach in their bathing suits, enjoying the holiday and the warm weather. But one of her followers took a positive post and turned it into a chance to expose her for apparently not feeding her children. They pointed out the fact that her sons looked incredibly skinny and someone wrote that they were, I quote, “obviously nutritionally deficient”.

Kristen didn’t give them a chance to start a rumour like that. So she collapsed back and replied by saying, “yeah, I starve my children” and bam the celebrities exposed on social media just pop the most people I’ve ever blocked in my entire life. Happy 4th, Uh-Huh yeah, not a joke you want to make. To be honest, your dad, you don’t try to expose one. Some like that. She feeds for children. They’re doing just fine.


celebrities exposed on social media, Anne Hathaway

The actress caught the attention of her fans when she threw some shade at the Kardashians. But she claims that she didn’t mean to. She posted a meme to her Instagram with the words on it saying “a round of Kardashian is a Helena Bonham Carter”, which were layered over top of photos of a bladder. She meant it to be a positive and uplifting meme. But some people exposed her for putting other females down and said that her meme was contradicting itself.

Fans were attacking the celebrities exposed on social media, saying she was condemning the family, so she deleted the post and upload a new photo as an apology tactic. Instead, the new photo read “Post removed for unintended shade thrown”. She posted it with the caption “It never occurred to me that I was pitting anyone against each other, not my style”.

But the real question is, do you believe her? Do you believe she knew what that picture meant? Or do you think she did it on accident? I really can’t see Anne Hathaway being the type to look for objects.


celebrities exposed on social mediaHarry Styles

 It isn’t often that the former One Direction singer finds herself in the middle of a scandal, but one photo you posted had fans exposing him for being insensitive to culture type celebrities exposed on social media. He posted a photo to Instagram of him making a goofy face while wearing a Native American headdress. And what seemed to be like an innocent picture received a ton of backlash. Fans were left angry and began exposing the Instagram post on Twitter.

A-One Direction fan account posted it and wrote. Cultural appropriation is not nice, regardless of context or intent. Let’s leave it at that. What people were most upset about was that he changed his profile picture to that headdress picture. So once he saw all the heat that he was receiving as celebrities, he changed his profile picture, but he didn’t issue any kind of apology.


celebrities, Kendall and Kylie Jenner

 They are doing their families often getting exposed for one thing or another. Suicide surprising others on this list. But they didn’t expect to get exposed for their clothing line. People expose their company after one of their clothing line advertisements where it showed a button-up shirt that was styled with a lace bralette underneath and some baggy pants. But a fan sparked some controversy after exposing them online, saying they weren’t considerate of cultural appropriation.

Both the Jenner celebrities exposed on social media were accused of using Latino culture to sell their clothing, and one Twitter user had a lot to say about it in a long tweet she wrote. “Aside from being unoriginal, it’s irritating to see these girls making money off of culture. They know absolutely nothing about, when we Latinos dress in flannels and big pants, we get profiled and frowned upon. But when they do it, its fashion”.

The genders ended up deleting the photo, but screenshots live on forever in this generation of celebrities exposed on social media.


Kristen Stewart

 I hate to be the one to bring it up again, but we can not forget the time that the celebrities expose on social media in one of the worst ways possible. Back in 2011, she’d been dating her Twilight co-star and on-screen Love Robert Pattinson, but got celebrities exposed on social media when she cheated on him. How awkward. Hollywood went into a frenzy because pictures were posted of the 22-year-old making Elle with forty-one-year-old film director Rupert Sanders.

The situation was twisted for many reasons. Kristen was in a relationship. They had a big age gap. They worked together on Snow White and the Huntsman and Ruber was also married with two children. Her steamy Make-o pictures were everywhere on social media, and needless to say, people were pretty pissed off.


Liam Payne

 Who kind of exposed himself in this one. But people were just quick to call him out on it. He was once a member of the popular boy band One Direction, but he went on to create his music career after the band had broken up. Yet he’s had a successful one, which might be why he developed kind of a cocky personality. He posted a photo on Instagram of himself shooting the middle finger and captioned it. “You can only get a jet lag from a jet. The rest of y’all have only got a plane, leg, house take”. No, he kind of exposes himself for being one of the little arrogant celebrities exposed on social media.

But people were quick to spread the posts all over every social media platform and called him a spoiled man. Man, they attacked his new personality and said he acts high and mighty and they aren’t there to support it. After receiving all the backlash, though, he did delete the post. So maybe he’s not like all that high and mighty


Gigi Hadid

Indeed, the famous model was exposed to social media. When people made it known online that she was not welcome in China. She notes on our Instagram that she’d be visiting Shanghai because she was walking in the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show. So what did she do for people to not want her and touring their country?

Well, just a few months earlier, her sister Bella posted a video of Gigi mocking Asian stereotypes. Or so it appeared that way. In the video, you can see her laughing and squinting her eyes, the table with friends while holding a Buddha shaped cookie. People started sharing the old video of the celebrities exposed on social media, as well as her Vogue China magazine cover like side by side, saying that she doesn’t deserve to be on the cover or walking in the show.

However, she did not issue an apology or even address the issue. She just turned off the comment feature on her Instagram post. And you bet your bottom dollar is that she went to China and walked in that shop.


Emily Ratajkowski

The actress and model has some serious Instagram game, which doesn’t personally surprise me because she’s a model and a babe. Bought one of her photos, have her followers exposing her for being insensitive and misinformed according to their prominence.

She became the face of a French haircare brand. Star posted on Instagram saying “how important hair is to one’s beauty”, she wrote. “Here’s the fundamental part of beauty, femininity and identity”. Immediately after posting it, negative comments came pouring in and a post was being shared all over Twitter, saying that she was insensitive to girls who suffer from cancer or even just girls who lose their hair from genetics.

Her fans couldn’t believe that she would suggest that they would be lacking a fundamental part of beauty if they didn’t have hair, and called it a very hurtful caption. Emily did not comment on it, but she did change the caption. So I think she got to the point taken.


Daisy Ridley

 The actress known for her role in the Star Wars franchise decided to delete her Instagram after being exposed on social media for a message she thought was going to have a positive impact. She shared a post with a message about stopping gun violence, but she was criticized on Facebook and Twitter. Instead, she was bombarded with vicious tweets, Facebook comments, Instagram messages of people calling her hateful and racist.

They were trying to expose her for being something that she claims she is not. She wanted to spread awareness on something that she’s passionate about, after all, she is one of the celebrities exposed on social media. But all of the online abuse made her step away from social media altogether.

John Legend

 Now to lighten up the mood a little bit from our last summer. This is kind of hilarious, the singer’s wife Christie. It has always been known for posting whatever she wants on social media, which is why she decided to post a naked picture of her husband back in 2015. She exposed John’s behind and posted a photo of him naked in his home and even tagged Instagram in her caption because she knew her fans would report.

It appears that he has no idea the picture is being taken, but he probably wouldn’t care anyway because Christie was trying to prove a point. A fellow celebrity, Chelsea Handler, had her pictures took because of a photoshoot with W magazine where she was topless. and turns out it was removed as celebrities exposed on social media.

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